[Azure Updates]General availability: Azure Virtual Network service endpoints for Azure SQL Data Warehouse

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With this release,you can enable Service Endpoints for Azure SQL Dara Warehouse.


Service Endpoints allows you to connect directly through the Azure Backbone Network to Azure Services such as Azure Storage,Azure Database for MySQL  and so on.

This is more effective using Express Route to create private connections between Microsoft Datacenters and on-premise network.

Without using Service Endpoints, as described in the figure below,traffic from VNET to Azure Service goes over the public internet through Express Route and the on-premise FireWall.Even though the packers are encrypted by a secure protocol such as SSL,you must be aware of  getting no packets intercepted.

Screen Shot 2018-12-22 at 23.31.08

Otherwise if you use Service Endpoints, the packets from VNET to Azure Services are directly sent through the Azure Backbone Network,so you can improve security for Azure Services.

Screen Shot 2018-12-22 at 23.31.17

In addition,you can restrict packets send to Azure Services to be received from only VNET enabling Service Endpoints and doing some configurations.

No additional Charge is needed by enabling Service Endpoints.

Service Endpoints is available only for specific Azure Services such as Azure Storage Service,Azure Database for MySQL and so on.

I hope that Service Endpoints for Application Insights will be generally available as soon as possible.

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